Cash Out

Cash Out allows you to collect winnings of placed bets even if the outcome has not yet been determined. The amount is based on the actual run of play.

By making use of the Cash Out function you are safeguarding your winnings, minimise your losses and increase your account balance instantly without having to deposit.


Whenever Cash Out is being offered the match listing is marked with a small yellow triangle in the top left corner:



The different markets including this feature are then marked with a yellow circled C:




Display the bet in Open Bets and you will see the amount available to be cashed out. Click on Cash Out to proceed:




Open Bets can be displayed either directly in your bet slip or by hovering your mouse pointer over your username and by clicking on My Bets > Open.

The Cash Out value changes reflecting the current state of play and the likelihood of your bet being won.

A cashed out bet will be marked as such within your transactions of settled bets, allowing you to keep track of which bets you cashed out.




Cash Out is not always available:

Bets placed using free bets or any other bonus related money cannot be cashed out. Multiway, combination and system bets cannot be cashed out if one of the matches does not have the option to cash out. 

Any bets placed and cashed out will not count towards any bonus wagering.

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