Protection of Children

Gambling whilst under the age of 18 is a criminal offence. mybet takes its responsibilities to prevent access by under 18s very seriously. Appropriate age verification checks are carried out across all our businesses. mybet does not allow anyone under 18 to play and uses strict measures to implement this policy. We also make sure that our advertising and sponsoring does not cater to minors. To ensure that no minors in your household are able to gamble on the internet, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • use child proof software that prohibits children and minors access to gaming sites.
  • do not to leave the computer unattended whilst you are logged in.
  • never give your credit card or bank account details to minors.
  • report minors under 18 (or anyone that does not have legal capacity and is under your jurisdiction) that have registered with us. In this case please contact immediately.

There are a number of other third part applications that parents or guardians can use to monitor or restrict the use of their computer's access to the internet:

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