What is a multiway bet?

A multiway bet consists of several combi bets, each which contains different predictions for the same event and can be placed with one bet.

Example for a multiway single bet:

Choose win Schalke (odds of 2.00) and draw Schalke (odds of 3.10). Two single bets will be placed.


Example for a multiway combination bet:

Combine single bets with multiway single bets to create a multiway combination bet.


Place bets on the following odds:

  • win Bayern (odds of 1.50)
  • win Dortmund (odds of 1.80)
  • win Schalke (odds of 2.00) and draw Schalke (odds of 3.10)

The bet on Schalke is a two-way bet.

The bet looks as follows:

Tip 1:

  • win Bayern
  • win Dortmund
  • win Schalke

Tip 2:

  • win Bayern
  • win Dortmund
  • draw Schalke

If placing the bet with a stake of €10 it would be divided in two three-way combi bets with a stake of €5 each.

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