I cannot withdraw

There are not many reasons why a withdrawal is not available to you.

  • One may be that the method you used for your deposit is inactive in our system and will not be offered on the withdrawal page. A small deposit of €5 using that method will activate it in the system and it will automatically be offered on the withdrawal page. The amount of €5 does not need to be wagered and can be requested for withdrawal together with the rest of your balance.
  • Another reason may be that you have an active bonus and have not met the bonus conditions yet. If your balance is bound to a bonus a withdrawal will only be available after meeting the wagering requirements.
  • Your balance may be insufficient. The minimum amount you can withdraw is €30.
  • Last but not least your mybet account may have to be verified.

    In such case we require coloured copies of the following documents:

    • A copy of your identity card (front and back), passport or driving licence. Please ensure that all data is clearly visible. Note: Only copies of driving licences issued in the UK and Sweden can be accepted.
    • A copy of a document as proof of your home address such as a utility bill, bank statement or any other official letter stating your name and surname, your address and the issuing date (not older than three months). If you wish you may cover any sensitive details such as amounts, etc.
    • In case you have made a deposit per credit/debit card, a coloured copy of the card (front and back) will be required as well. This is for your own safety. To avoid potential abuse, we recommend covering the middle eight digits of your credit card as well as the CVV code and your signature on the back.

    These copies have to be uploaded to your account. A picture taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone will suffice. Alternatively, you can send them as attachments to payment@mybet.com

    Rest assured that all personal data is being treated strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
    Please be aware that the payment department can request copies that verifying the used payment methods.


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