What is a system bet?

A system bet is composed by several individual combination bets. Contrary to a single combination bet, you can earn winnings even if not all bets are correct. Please note that the amount shown under potential win is the maximum amount you can earn if all bets are correct. Furthermore, the stake you place will be divided according to the number of combination bets created through your system bet.

In this example the following bets will be placed:

Team 1 versus Team 2 Bet Odds
France   Germany  Germany 1.22
Brazil   Colombia  Brazil 1.06
Argentina   Belgium  Argentina 1.22
Netherlands   Costa Rica  Netherlands 2.20

The system bet 3 out of 4 is chosen. On your bet slip you will now see that four bets (combination bets) will be placed. Each one of these four bets consists of a 3-pick-combination bet. Following four 3-pick-bets will be placed in this case:

Bet slip 1:

Germany 1.22
Brazil 1.06
Argentina 1.22
Total odd 1,58

Bet slip 2:

Germany 1.22
Brazil 1.06
Netherlands 2.20
Total odd 1.85

Bet slip 3:

Germany 1.22
Argentina 1.22
Netherlands 2.20
Total odd 3,27

Bet slip 4:

Brazil 1.06
Argentina 1.22
Netherlands 2.20
Total odd 2.85

Your total stake will be divided by four, which is the number of bets placed. If you place a stake of €20, each single combi bet will be placed with a stake €5.

If all bets are correct a total winning of €47.75 can be earned.

Bet slip 1: 1.58*€5 = €7.90

Bet slip 2: 1.85*€5 = €9.25

Bet slip 3: 3.27*€5 = €16.35

Bet slip 4: 2.85*€5 = €14.25

€7.90 + €9.25 + €16.35 + €14.25 = €47.75

In case one bet is wrong only one out of the four combi bets can win. Therefore, the winnings will be less than your initial total stake in this specific example.

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