O/U or H2H

O/U: O/U stands for Over/Under. The Over and Under market allows you to bet on whether the number of goals or points in a match will be above or below the given number. In football matches the standard number of goals is 2.5 and only the regular plus injury time are being considered. Extra time or penalty shoot-out do not count. In basketball however, overtime is being counted.


   O/U  Over  Under
Olympic Marseille : Real Madrid  2.5 1.6 3.2

In this example you can bet that in this match over 2.5 goals will be scored by both teams altogether in regular time or under 2.5 goals. If the match ends 1:2 after 90 Minutes including injury time, over 2.5 goals will have been scored, meaning that an Over 2.5 bet will win. On the contrary, an Under 2.5 bet will lose.

H2H: is the short term for Head to Head. A bet placed on who will be ahead of the other one or who will win after 90 minutes including injury time. If the match ends in a draw you will get your stake refunded.

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