I want to reopen or close my account

There are several ways to close a mybet account. You can either do it yourself by choosing to temporarily deactivate the account in settings, or by contacting mybet customer support by email.

In your account you have three options:

  • Close the account for 48hours (the account activates automatically afterwards)
  • close the account for one month (the account activates automatically afterwards)
  • block and close down the account (the account remains closed for a minimum of one year)

If you choose to block and close your mybet account, the account will remain closed for a minimum of one year. You may then send a request by email to reopen it. In return we will send you a PDF form to fill in which states the reason for the closure and your consent to reopen the account. To play by the rule we have to give you a seven day cooling off period upon receiving the form from you. A week later you may re-confirm your wish by email and the account will be reopened.



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