What documents do I have to provide

In order to verify your details we require the below documents:

  • A copy of your identity card (front and back) or passport. All details must be visible and the document needs to be displayed in full.
  • A copy of a document as proof of your home address such as a utility bill, bank statement or any other official letter stating your name and surname, your address and the issuing date (not older than three months). We don't accept ebay or Amazon receipts, however, any letter or utility bill sent to you by mail can be photographed and sent in for verification. Your name, your address and a recent date of the past 3 months must be visible.

If you use a credit card to fund your mybet account we may request copies of the credit card. The card must also be displayed in full, however, for security reasons you may cover the CVV code and your signature at the back as well as part of the credit card number. For the verification the first 6 and last 4 digits must be visible.

Other requests may include a screenshot of your PayPal, Skrill or NETELLER account, depending which method was used for funding your mybet account.

Rest assured that all personal data is being treated strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


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