Password Security

mybet cares a great deal about your safety. Therefore we protect your mybet account at all times from unwanted intruders. Nonetheless your help is important too: A secure password is the basic requirement for you to enjoy mybet to the fullest and most of all carefree.

It is also very important to change your password on a regular basis. Never use the same password on other websites, forums or email accounts.

Here are some more security tips for you:

  • Choose a password that consists of a minimum of 8 signs, letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Please, never pass on your password to other people.
  • Be cautious when you receive emails or are on websites who ask you to submit confidential details.

mybet never asks for personal details such as passwords or credit card details by email!

Change your password regularly (recommended is every 90 days).

Please take this advice seriously.


If you wish to check whether your email address has been hacked (most times this goes unnoticed) use the following link:

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